Structure and consistency are key to success.

Change your mindset. Instead of moaning about Monday, use it to set yourself up for success for the rest of the week.

All sessions should be booked in advance just like any other appointments Monday to Sunday and should be seen as important as work related appointments.

If meal prep is your thing, Sunday/Monday are great for this. Even if you don’t prep the meals, just having a plan of what you want to eat will help. This is better than winging it day to day and getting caught out. This will just lead to opting for the faster/easier poorer options.

Bonus tip: Get the tougher or least enjoyable sessions out the way Monday or Tuesday. Why?

1. Your muscles will be more tired later in the week due to other sessions and work.

2. So you’re not thinking and stressing about doing them all week. More often than not the longer you leave it the more excuses you’ll make and then may not do it at all.

Have you planned your week ahead? If not, start now!