It’s the end of January and it’s not gone how you imagined. That resolution you set didn’t last, and now you’re beating yourself up about it.


January is about getting back into the swing of things and through the winter months, which can get the best of us.

And that New Years resolution you set.. well you probably got so lost in thinking about the end result that you actually sabotaged it.

Thinking it’s not happening quick enough or so focused on everything that wasn’t working, that you missed everything that was. (This is where you probably sacked it off). Stop thinking so much about that end result. Take each day as it comes and think about the small changes and daily habits that will help you get there.

So this evening, make a new list – small sustainable goals.

Some days they might even look like this:
– Getting out of bed;
– Drinking water not just coffee;
– Going for a walk;
– Dedicating time to spend with yourself;
– Taking a break from social media.

A lot of these are my daily goals. Yes I set things I hope to achieve in the year but when I make sure I’m doing these things first and not putting pressure on whatever else I have planned, that’s what makes those bigger goals I set a lot easier to get to. And the journey easier to maintain.

So keep thinking small steps – And be proud of them all. They all count.

Remember, if you’re hating the journey to a healthier you (mind or body) it’s not healthy. And certainly not sustainable.