Firstly, YOU are the focus, so it’s important to identify your goals. From here we can determine which programme will help you achieve these goals best.


Burn is designed to burn fat, burn calories and take your fitness to the next level. A bespoke combination of P4X, Group PT and yoga combined with nutritional support will maximise your results. This is for individuals who generally want to lose weight and tone.


Build is focused on growing muscle (whether that be lean or bigger muscle) burning fat and getting stronger. A greater focus on Group PT, lifting heavier and working out your individual nutritional requirements is how we approach this. Of course there’s room for P4X (we wouldn’t want to deny you of this!) and yoga is a must to keep your body as flexible and injury free as possible. Nutrition will be a key part of both programmes and a personal plan dedicated to your requirements will be developed.

So, whatever your goals are, our performance programmes have you covered. For more info, contact us here or speak to a coach next time you’re in the gym. We can discuss your goals and decide which programme is best for you. 🙌