Consistent Carmen really took to the Project absolutely smashing her goals! Training 4-5 times per week building her strength and fitness and ultimately lost 16lbs. By making small changes to her nutrition and reducing her alcohol consumption Carmen has now created a platform that she still continues to maintain to this very day. 

Great work Carmen!!



12 week’s progress! Dan completed  our Project even after breaking his finger which set him back a few weeks. His nutrition was spot on and consistency in the gym was a credit to his overall attitude to achieving his goals! 

A great example of how creating the right work life balance can really help you push on to the next level!


Great work DAN!! 


“I have definately grown in confidence, massively improved my strength and found out I can actually run” 

What a result! We set a challenge for our members over 12 weeks to see what results they could acheive and Lizzie did not mess about. Stepping out of her comfort zone by embracing running and by the end of it applied and completed the Manchester 10k. This is a complete success and we are so proud of you Lizzie. The pictures speak for themselves but the growth internally has been a pleasure to see blossom. 

Well done superstar!



12 weeks progress! Leading by example Jory joined the gang on the P4 Project to get in the best shape he could at 43 years old.


Body fat from17-8.1% ⬇️
Muscle mass 8.7% ⬆️
Weight 2kg ⬇️
Over all strength and fitness hugely improved!

“I actually can’t believe I got my body fat down to 8.1% when I started this challenge I wanted to help motivate our members and go through the journey with them. This kept me even more consistent than normal! Even PTs can slack with food so this was great boost for me to eat healthier and say no to those sweet treats by baking healthier alternatives.

6 months later I’ve still kept my body fat below 10% and continue to make the right choices with food but I’m able to treat myself at weekends and on occasions whilst maintaining the body shape I want.”


2 week’s progress! Maja joined the PROJECT after multiple failed attempts in the past to lose unwanted weight.

“Thanks to Project4 for keeping me focused and pushing me in every training session. My goal was to burn fat and build muscle, something I struggled with for years. In 12 weeks of P4 Performance Burn, I lost 18lbs.” Maja Berezowska

What more can we say!? She’s absolutely nailed it! Well done, Maja. Keep up the great work 🙌


A fine example of consistency and hard work. Az joined the Project wanting to shape muscle and burn body fat whilst improving his strength and fitness. Az was relentless in hitting his goals, training 5-6 days a week and improving his diet to get his results. Now that the first phase of this journey is complete Az has a great foundation set ready for the next phase which about to start. 

Body fat down – Muscle Mass up – Healthier eating habits

Overall confidence rocketing – PBs weekly in the gym!!


Danielle lost 38.5cm in total from around her body 😱

“I was lucky enough to have won a 12 week programme at Project4. When I started , I never thought I would look and feel any different in 12 weeks if I’m honest. But WOW, I can actually say I’m so PROUD of myself for trusting the system and for sticking to the plan I was given by my amazing PT, Lisa.

At first, my head was mashed with all the info and it just sounded too complicated for me but it was far from that, it was one of the most simplest things I have done. I have loved every minute of it. And I’ve not stopped eating my favourite foods or stopped going out and enjoying myself because you still need to live and that’s what my coach has taught me. What’s the point in training all the time if you have to restrict yourself. Life is about balance, just make smarter choices. I feel like ME AGAIN. HAPPIER, FITTER, STRONGER. From the coaches to the members, thank you for all the support.” Danielle Jordan

We couldn’t have summed this up better ourselves. Danielle, you have taken the advice, worked hard, and followed the plan. Your results are well deserved 🤩


Brooke wanted to build muscle and burn fat but most of all get to grips with his nutrition. Working with his assigned coach Brooke as really taken on the nutritional information, whilst combining this with what it takes to build strength and muscle. He has done exactly what has been asked of him and is smashing out PBs week after week in Group PT.

“Thanks to P4 I have set exercises to do and food guidance for each day. Keeping it simple like this really works for me. I feel so much more confident and I’m hitting my goals, and then some. ” 


Stories like this is why we love what we do here at P4. These girls absolutely smashed the 12 week challenge we set them but not only that really came together to support each other and hold each other accountable to their goals. Huge well done girls for your integrity, hard work and the fun we had throughout the journey. 


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