Coach Earl gives us his 5 reasons to deadlift:

1. Anyone wanting a bigger, stronger, sexier bum needs to deadlift heavy (with good form) on a regular basis. There are lots of exercises using bands but in my opinion the deadlifts are the best.

2. It’s a versatile exercise. It can be performed with a barbell, dumbbells, kettlebells or even a broom stick.

3. Depending on reps, tempo and weight, you can get a great full body strength, endurance or even cardio workout just from the deadlift.

4. It’s great for everyone’s performance, from an older person picking items up off the floor, to someone working in a factory doing lots and lots of lifting, to a professional athlete needing to be more explosive.

5. It’s a great exercise to really challenge yourself. The traditional deadlift and sumo deadlift are a great measure of full body strength. Grip strength from holding the bar to back, shoulders, core and leg strength from pulling the bar up and lowering the bar back down in full control of the bar.

Click here to watch Earl demonstrating 7 different types of deadlifts.