Are You Ready to Transform Your Health, Fitness and Body Shape in 30 Days?

Our Next 30 Day Challenge Is Starting VERY Soon!

Getting in shape is easy when you join our 30-Day Transformation Challenge

Say GOODBYE to Yo-yo dieting!

✅ We provide you with a bespoke nutrition plan, so you know exactly what to eat to get the results you want.

Say goodbye to long, boring cardio sessions.

✅ You will be trained 3 times a week at our studio by our fully qualified Personal Trainers who tailor each workout to your current fitness level and body goals.

Say goodbye to unsustainable workouts and nutritional plans.

✅ Our Coaches will help you implement healthy habits that fit seamlessly into your busy lifestyle so you can get into shape quickly and stay in shape long after the challenge has ended.

Our 30-Day Challenge is £159 and this is what’s included…

🏋️‍♀️ 12 Group Sessions

You will never be left alone lost and confused with no idea what to do. You will always have a Personal Trainer there to guide you through the workout.

📈 Everything Already Planned

We take all the stress of going to the gym out of it by planning every workout for you. We plan the session, demonstrate the exercises and guide you through the whole workout so you walk away feeling like you’ve truly achieved something.

👩‍💻 Weekly Check-Ins

Getting started at the gym can be a very daunting experience, so one of the Coaches will check in with you every week to make sure you’re enjoying the training and to go through any questions you have.

🥘 Nutrition Coaching

You will get help with what are the best foods to eat to help with your goal. We have meal plans and recipes to help give you more ideas so you’re not left eating chicken and broccoli every day.

💰 Money Back Guarantee

If you do not get results, or you feel the challenge didn’t live up to what we said, then we will give you your money back. No questions asked.

Read What Our Members Have To Say…

“1 and a 1/2 stone lost in 12 weeks! 🔥”

12 week’s progress! Maja joined the BURN Performance Programme after multiple failed attempts in the past to lose unwanted weight.

Through the programme and working with her assigned coach, Maja has understood the importance of nutrition and how vital the combination of nutrition and regular exercise is on achieving those sought-after results! She’s done exactly what was asked of her in and out of the gym. She’s been on it with her nutrition, worked hard in Group PT and P4X, and been a regular at Yoga to help her body recover. The results are thoroughly deserved and the photos say it all!

“Thanks to Project4 for keeping me focused and pushing me in every training session. My goal was to burn fat and build muscle, something I struggled with for years. In 12 weeks of P4 Performance Burn, I lost 18lbs.” Maja Berezowska

What more can we say!? She’s absolutely nailed it! Well done, Maja. Keep up the great work 🙌

 “Best shape I’ve ever been in and strongest I’ve felt “

12 week’s progress! Dan completed  our Project even after breaking his finger which set him back a few weeks. His nutrition was spot on and consistency in the gym was a credit to his overall attitude to achieving his goals! 

A great example of how creating the right work life balance can really help you push on to the next level!


Great work DAN!! 


“I feel like ME again, HAPPIER, FITTER, STRONGER 💪”

Check out the progress Danielle has made in just 12 weeks on the BURN Performance programme!

Body fat 1.3% ⬇️
Muscle mass 0.7% ⬆️
Weight 8.4lbs ⬇️
38.5cm lost in total from around her body 😱

“I was lucky enough to have won a 12 week Burn programme at Project4. When I started 12 weeks ago, I never thought I would look and feel any different in 12 weeks if I’m honest. But WOW, I can actually say I’m so PROUD of myself for trusting the system and for sticking to the plan I was given by my amazing PT, Lisa.

At first, my head was mashed with all the info and it just sounded too complicated for me but it was far from that, it was one of the most simplest things I have done. I have loved every minute of it. And I’ve not stopped eating my favourite foods or stopped going out and enjoying myself because you still need to live and that’s what my coach has taught me. What’s the point in training all the time if you have to restrict yourself. Life is about balance, just make smarter choices. I feel like ME AGAIN. HAPPIER, FITTER, STRONGER. From the coaches to the members, thank you for all the support.” Danielle Jordan

We couldn’t have summed this up better ourselves. Danielle, you have taken the advice, worked hard, and followed the plan. Your results are well deserved 🤩

12 weeks progress! Leading by example Jory joined the gang on the P4 Project to get in the best shape he could at 43 years old.


Body fat from17-8.1% ⬇️
Muscle mass 8.7% ⬆️
Weight 2kg ⬇️
Over all strength and fitness hugely improved!

“I actually can’t believe I got my body fat down to 8.1% when I started this challenge I wanted to help motivate our members and go through the journey with them. This kept me even more consistent than normal! Even PTs can slack with food so this was great boost for me to eat healthier and say no to those sweet treats by baking healthier alternatives.

1 year later I’ve still kept my body fat below 10% and continue to make the right choices with food but I’m able to treat myself at weekends and on occasions whilst maintaining the body shape I want.”


“I am feeling stronger than ever and so confident in myself 🙌”

14 weeks progress!💥 Jess joined the BUILD Performance Programme as she wanted to build muscle and get more definition. She has certainly achieved this, and anyone who trains with Jess will have seen a notable improvement in her strength week on week.

Body fat ⬇️ from 25.1% to 23.8%
Muscle ⬆️ from 43.7% to 44.4%
Lost 6cm’s around her waist 😱
Lost cms around her hips, arms and legs and then gained muscle in these areas.

“I have enjoyed every minute of the performance plan and seen results I would have never imagined. I am feeling stronger than ever and so confident in myself inside and outside the gym. Having Lisa’s support has really kept me motivated throughout, keeping me on track and enjoying the experience. All of the coaches have been supportive during classes, constantly pushing me to work harder and go heavier (A LOT heavier). The first few weeks were the hardest, adapting to the diet. Being vegetarian, it was a struggle fitting enough protein in but Lisa and the P4 members were so supportive, constantly giving tips and recipe ideas, so it soon became easy! I have never felt so good or so strong and I feel that is really showing now so I can’t thank Lisa, the coaches and the members enough for helping me achieve that!” Jessica Holdship

What can we say Jess, you’ve absolutely nailed it! Focused, confident and lifting heavy whilst maintaining great form 🤩 Keep up the great work!

“The coaches really push you in a fun and energetic way!”

“You walk out after 45 minutes feeling like you’ve achieved so much”

“The people are just so lovely”

“Never felt stronger, confident, fitter”


We have battle-tested our training for years and we are so confident in what we do.

It’s perfectly normal to feel scared and lost when you go to the gym, it can be a very intimidating place.

We take all of the worry, confusion, and fear out of it

Every single session you will ALWAYS have a trainer on hand to show you exactly what to do.

We are there to push you and get the very best out of every minute you spend with us.

No longer will you walk around lost, feeling intimidated, or feeling like you don’t belong in the gym.

Our 30-Day Transformation is the perfect kick-start to your fitness journey.



It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.

1️⃣ Click GET STARTED and fill in your details

One of the Project4 team will be in touch to go through all the details.


2️⃣ Phone Call

We chat over the phone to go over any questions or concerns and discuss what the next steps are.

3️⃣ Sign up and Get Started

Once you have signed up you will attend our introductory induction which goes through all the ins and outs of the programme.



Monday to Friday

6:15am, 7am, 9:15am, 5:30pm, 6pm, 6:30pm, 7pm, 7:30pm

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday


Saturday and Sunday

9am, 10am


3 Group sessions each week (12 in total across the 30 days)
✅ Weekly Check-ins
✅ A fun motivating gym
✅ A nutrition plan with recipe ideas
✅ Access to a supportive community of people that will help you achieve your goals
✅ And best of all… Results Guaranteed!


Every Saturday at 11:30am (we can change the time if you can’t make a Saturday)

I haven’t exercised in years. Do I need to be fit to try the challenge?

At Project4, everything we do is tailored to the needs and goals of our clients.  Everything is based on your needs, from your nutrition plan to training sessions.  Our coaches will provide you with training and give you the support needed to help you achieve outstanding results over the next 30 days.

What happens after the challenge?

After the challenge we then enrol members onto “The Project” where you get full access to all the P4 sessions and a consultation with a P4 coach to help you with your goals. This will help you to ensure more success, by keeping you accountable and consistent with training and nutrition. You also have the option to upgrade to unlimited sessions for just £189.

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